Drug Rehab in West Hollywood CA

Healing in West Hollywood, CA

The compulsive use of intoxicants is a growing problem all across the United States, which is why many drug rehab centers are opening to help people deal with their substance abuse issues. The unfortunate reality is that a dependency on drugs or alcohol is a problem that is incredibly destructive. Left untreated, it can make a person lose their job, their marriage, their extended family, their reputation, and their financial stability. It’s a lot to lose all for the sake of getting high, but the pull to use intoxicants can be incredibly strong if you’re addicted, and can inhibit a person’s judgment and sense of perspective.

This is why it’s so important for anyone with a substance abuse problem to get help for their issues by seeking treatment at a reputable substance abuse treatment facility. The Serenity Bay drug rehab center in West Hollywood, California is a center dedicated to helping those who have a problem with substances that is out of control problem. The counselors here at our West Hollywood addiction treatment facility are ready to offer hope and healing to anyone who enters treatment here.

Entering Treatment at the West Hollywood Addiction Recovery Center

When a client enters our West Hollywood addiction treatment center, they will be evaluated by a counselor who will create a customized treatment plan for them. It will be an individualized plan geared specifically to the client’s needs and will include a combination of counseling, detox, and aftercare support.

Once the program has begun being created, detox will begin at our West Hollywood drug detox clinic.

Detoxification in the Addiction Treatment Center

Detox is an important step in treatment, as this process will rid the client of the harmful chemicals in their system so they can begin recovery with a clear body and mind. A healthcare professional will supervise the process, to ensure the client is safe during withdrawals. The client is supported throughout until their body rids itself of the harmful chemicals keeping you dependent.

Counseling at the Drug Rehab Facility

Once detox is complete, counseling sessions, both one-on-one and group therapy will begin. These sessions help the client get in touch with the underlying psychological issues that are driving their substance abuse. Clients are encouraged to speak freely about their issues, they are encouraged to be candid about their experiences as well as what brought them to treatment. By sharing honestly in a group setting, the client can bring healing not only to themselves, but also to other people in recovery.

Along with counseling at our addiction recovery facility in West Hollywood, the client will also have the opportunity to take part in many events with the recovery community. These may include nature hikes, art therapy, meditation, and yoga. These holistic activities can help those in recovery get in touch with the outside world even while they are connecting with themselves, in ways they may not have been able to while they were using drugs.


When the full course of treatment is complete at our West Hollywood addiction recovery program, plans will be made for aftercare. A counselor at the clinic will meet with you to discuss your needs and make recommendations. Some clients may spend time in a group home with others in recovery after they leave the clinic. Ongoing counseling sessions and twelve step meetings are other forms of aftercare that are highly recommended.

Healing doesn’t happen overnight, and addiction recovery is a process that must continue for the client’s entire life. Treatment in the addiction recovery center is the first step in the process. If you are in need of healing, call us today.