Drug Rehab in Miami FL

Drug rehabilitation and aftercare treatment

The road to addiction recovery has several steps and milestones. Our drug rehab center provides an environment where recovery is done with a holistic approach. Once the detoxification process is done and the substances have been cleared from the body, rehabilitation can begin in earnest. Rehabilitation is a process that will include group therapy, counseling, and behavioral therapy. The group and individual therapy done in a substance abuse treatment facility are geared at helping the patient get a deeper understanding of addiction. Clients are also taught about how different types of addictions affect them. Rehabilitation therapy is also designed to create a stronger sense of self. Therapy also motivates the clients on how to live an addiction-free life. While rehabilitation is important, aftercare is crucial for the long-term success of the process.

Understanding aftercare addiction treatment

Aftercare is the treatment given after the substance abuse treatment facility. Aftercare is recommended to avoid relapse. Addiction treatment centers offer aftercare to their clients once they leave the addiction treatment center. It is ideally designed to offer additional support and coping strategies. Aftercare treatment can be offered in support groups, therapy sessions, follow-up meetings and individual counseling sessions. These sessions also include teaching new skills and offering different coping strategies.

The need for aftercare programs

Once an individual leaves the addiction recovery facility, they are normally highly motivated and enthusiastic. Many have learned to cope with the withdrawal symptoms, and they can now envision a life free from drugs. In a substance abuse facility, the individual is protected from temptations. It comes as a shock once the same individual goes back to the outside world. The chances of relapsing are high. This emphasizes the need for an aftercare treatment program.

Types of aftercare programs

A drug detox clinic can have several aftercare options. Most of these treatments are given to those who have gone through the residential programs. Aftercare treatments can also be done individually. Here are some of the options available.

12-Step groups

These are normally divided into sessions. Those who are new in the recovery process are often advised to attend immediately after they leave the drug recovery center. The group sessions help to create a social element and encourage people to learn to rely on each other for support. An addiction recovery center can also include events such as seminars, conventions, and dances.

Booster sessions

These are similar to the step group sessions. The only difference is that booster sessions are more personalized. Many drug addiction recovery programs offer them exclusively for people who have just left an addiction treatment facility. Members in these sessions are briefed about what to expect in the recovery journey. They are also given coping strategies and advice on how to overcome certain challenges akin to addiction. Booster sessions work to rejuvenate the motivation of the individual and to keep them on the right track.

Counseling sessions

Counseling sessions are also included in the aftercare addiction recovery program. These sessions can be done in a group setting, but most of the sessions are designed for an individual. In the meetings, the counselor and the person recovering from drugs discuss the problems arising and how best to deal with the issues.

Dual diagnosis support

Dual diagnosis is offered when the addiction problem has had a mental effect on the person recovering. Depression is a common mental issue among many addicts. In most cases, people resort to drug abuse when they get depressed. Depression can either be a trigger to addiction, or it can be an after effect. Dual diagnosis programs are very crucial to the recovery process. Failure to address the mental health issues can lead to a relapse.

Our drug rehab center in Miami, Florida will put you on the right path to recovery and walk the journey with you.