Drug Rehab in Appleton WI

Addiction recovery can be challenging. The life you are living trapped inside of an addiction to drugs or alcohol is challenging, too. What isn't hard is saying yes to the help extended to you. This is your way out of the hole you have fallen into. You no longer have control over your life, instead, your addiction controls. But you do have the control to say no to your addiction and to say yes to a new way of life. It can happen today. You can take this first step and accept the help that is being offered to you by checking yourself into the Serenity Bay, our substance abuse treatment facility in Appleton, Wisconsin.

During your stay at our drug detox clinic, you will undergo supervised detox. This is a difficult process, purging the substances out of your body, but you will not be alone. We will make sure you are safe and comfortable while taking this very important step. It will greatly help the rest of your recovery by beginning this journey with a clean mind and a clean body. Once the process of detox is complete, you will move on with the other important steps of recovery in our drug rehab facility.

In our addiction recovery center, we believe in utilizing dual diagnosis mental health treatment to give our clients the best possible chance at attaining and maintaining their recovery goals. Dual diagnosis is appropriate when a client has both an addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder. The disorder could be depression and addiction, or bipolar disorder and addiction. Whatever the diagnosis may be, each is a separate issue and should be handled as such.

This will give you the confidence to manage your mental illness in a sober and healthy way once you return to your normal life. A mental disorder does not have to be your personal prison. It is possible to live a happy life with a well-managed mental disorder. And with your sobriety, this will keep your mental disorder more manageable, since an addiction to drugs or alcohol may make your disorder seem more extreme.

Drug rehab centers are not a cure. They are a ticket to a new life, but you have to do the work and be dedicated to your recovery. This may seem hard at first, which is why we surround you with a community of positive, experienced people who want nothing more than to see you happy and healthy. You will have a support system you can lean on during the good days and the bad days. They will be your friends and your family during your stay in our addiction treatment facility. You will learn to trust them and to open up in an honest way about your experiences. You will find that during extended support groups, you have people who truly understand you. You do not have to worry about feeling ashamed and judged. All you have to worry about is focusing on your recovery and finding your voice to empower yourself again. This is a beautiful gift.

An addiction recovery facility needs to be a safe environment, and we pride ourselves on giving you this. You do not need to be distracted by feeling unsafe when you should turn your focus on getting healthy. Another step we offer in our addiction treatment center is individualized treatment plans. We see you for the unique person you are. You have your own experiences, your own struggles, and your own story. We believe you deserve to have a treatment plan that is molded to your individual story and personality.